Graduate of Newport High School, Newport NH, General Studies, 1983.

Graduate of Keene State College, Keene NH, Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts, 1988.

Participant in Deborah Hay’s Large Group Workshop,
Austin, TX, January – April 1991.


1989 - 1991 Studio Assistant to sculptor Jack Marshall, mold making, bronze cast finishing, furniture fabrication, exhibition installation.

1993 – 1994 Screenprinter, Mountain Corporation, manually printed four color process textile designs, press set-up and ink mixing.

1996 – 1998 Faux and Decorative Painter, CollageAuFaux, Austin, TX, 1996 – 1998, executed large scale architectural decorative finishes in private homes.

1999 – 2001 Shop/Site Assistant to Joseph Zambarano, Austin, TX, 1999 – 2001, custom wood projects, remodeling, painting, carpentery, sheetrock, cabinet fabrication and installation.


Uneven Surfaces and the Wooden Lens
Painting and sculpture exhibiton with Chris Levak
Pump Project, Austin, TX.

Thomas, Alfred Andrew
A Dia De Los Muertos installation
Green Bike Gallery, Austin, TX.

Selected Works
Selection from deep in the archive, a solo exhibition of paintings
ABB Gallery, Austin, TX.

3 person exhibition with April Garcia and Rick Van Dyke
Diaz Gallery, Austin, TX.

3 person exhibition with Heidi Landau and Clarke Curtis
Gallery 5619, Austin, TX.

Vermont Studio Center
Full fellowship residency awarded through Robert Motherwell's Dedalus Foundation

5 x 7: Group Exhibition of 5' x 7' paintings
Pump Project, Austin, TX.

New Work: Paintings and Drawings
Solo exhibition at Bolm Studios, Austin, TX.

Paint: Group Exhibition of Austin Painters
Davis Gallery, Austin, TX.

Andy St. Martin Selected Work 1997 - 2007
4 Walls Fine Art, Austin, TX.

Distance: Paintings and Drawings
Newport Library Arts Center, Newport, NH.


Persistent Codes
Exhibition with Adreon Henry, Julia C. Butridge Gallery, Dougherty Arts Center, Austin, TX.

Karaoke Show
Group exhibition at Shady Tree Studios, Austin TX.

Outside The Grooves

Solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings at Bolm Studios, Austin TX.

A one-night group exhibit sponsored by Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX.

Being With You

Solo exhibit of 17 paintings in the home of Dr. Robert E. Cantu, Austin, TX.

Selected Works
Featured artist at the Undergraduate Writing Center, University of Texas,
Austin, TX.

Summer Swim
Group exhibit, 20/40 Gallery, Austin, TX.

Secret Furniture

Group show Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX.

3 Years Works
Solo exhibit of 20 large format paintings at Austin Yoga School, Austin, TX.

Summer Artshow
Studies and smaller works, with Ethan Azarian at his In-House Gallery.

Art Lottery
Conceived and conducted a private lottery, the winner receiving a painting from my body of work. The lottery generated 8 months of support for me by creating interest in my work, resulting in two sales and two commissions.

Frontera Fest
Oil paintings at Blue Genie Art Industries, Austin, TX.

Contemplative Abstractions
Solo exhibition of paintings, Texas Lutheran University.

Sculptural Installation, Keene, NH.

Hurricane Dreams
Assemblage Sculpture, Art Center on Brickyard Pond, Keene, NH.

Multimedia exhibition with Thomas St. Martin, Newport Library Arts Center, Newport, NH.

Fall Exhibition
Arts Collective, Arts Center on Brickyard Pond, Keene, NH

Fall Exhibition
Arts Collective, Arts Center on Brickyard Pond, Keene, NH


Boom, Boom, Boom
Performed with the Deborah Hay Dance Co., The Off Center, Austin, TX.

Frontera Fest
Set for Jason Phelps. Awarded Best of Fest, Austin, TX

Personal Dances
Performed a solo in the series curated by MS/Nerve Dance Co., Hyde Park Theater, Austin, TX.

Performed and designed set for a piece choreographed by MS/Nerve Dance Co., The Public Domain, Austin, TX.

My Heart
Stage Manager for dance produced by Deborah Hay Dance Co., St. Stephens School, Austin, TX.

Seven Acts of Faith
Performed in work choreographed by Liz Gans, The Moving Co., Keene, NH.


Hawkeye Glen and Lizzie Martinez, Austin, TX
Zora St. Martin, Newport, NH
Emily Little, Austin, TX
Evonne Bently, Austin, TX
Stout Family, Newport, NH
Lisa and Clint Cook, Jackson, WY
Charissa Goodrich, Austin, TX
Dana Younger and Diana Lewis, Austin, TX
Blair Fox, Austin, TX
Jeff Grosner and Rebecca DeFusco, Harrisville, NH
Michael and Jennifer McGloin, Marlboro, NH
Bret Vapnek, New York, NY
Zebra Imaging, Pflugerville, TX
Eric and Janna Bear, Seattle, WA
Brian Johnson, Austin, TX
Rosario Rino Pizzi, Austin, TX
John and Irina Gans, New York, NY
Kevin Collins and Jenifer Arnston, Austin, TX
Nelson Valente, Austin, TX
Dr. Robert E. Cantu, Austin, TX
Michael and Rebecca Cantos-Busch, Austin, TX
Chris and Laura Levack, Austin, TX
Steve Roberts, Austin, TX
Robin Kelley, Austin, TX
Tom Kartsotis, Wailea, HI
Mark Macek and Pam Peltz, Austin, TX
Carson and Michael Lovell, Austin, TX
Marita Beck, Austin, TX
Beverley Bajema and Will Dibrell, Austin, TX
Lisa Goodrich, Austin, TX
Monica Poss, Austin, TX
Lesley Taylor, Seattle, WA
Shannon Kirchoff, Leander, TX
Phyllis Finley, Corpus Christi, TX
Adlai and Samantha McMahon, Austin, TX
Shea Little and Jana Swec, Austin TX
Dell Childrens Medical Center of Central Texas, Austin, TX
Max Benham, Austin, TX
Elizabeth Pecor, Austin, TX
Michael and Carson Lovell, Austin, TX
Brian and Stella Alesi, Austin, TX
Allison Aydelotte, Austin, TX
Metropolitan Gallery, Austin, TX
Sixth River Architects, Austin, TX
4 Walls Fine Art, Austin, TX
Michael Terrazas, Austin, TX
Phillip & Stacey Keil, Austin TX
Steve Brock, Saledo, TX
Twenty Three 07, Austin, TX
Rachel Stout, Lynn, MA
Alicia and Tim Emr, Austin, TX
Lauren and Jason Duval, Austin, TX
Jennifer Prichard and Hunt Andre, Austin, TX
The Family of Sergio and Elizandra Mukaorischedleer, Tuscon, AZ


Art in America December 2007

Andy St. Martin: Break on Through to the Other Side – Austin Chronicle, May 25th, 2007 by David Bradford

Arts Review: Andy St. Martin, Selected Works from 1999 - 2007 – Austin Chronicle, May 25th, 2007 by Rachel Koper

Outside the Grooves – Austin Chronicle, December 9th, 2005
by Benne Rockett

Interview in Cantanker magazine, Summer 2006

Cover art for New Orleans review published by Loyola University,
New Orleans LA, Summer 2006

Artist Statement

Over the past several years I have devoted my time to the making of large sized paintings on wood panels. Physically these paintings are rich with many layers often built with brushwork, stenciling, paint applied directly from the tube and glazes and washes. These techniques are used to form simple symbol images that are sometimes more abstract, sometimes more representational.

With an equal emphasis on figure and ground, the technical and imagistic aspects of the paintings merge, allowing an allover focus that is not built from repetition.

My paintings flirt with ideas of editing, exertion and a private symbolized divulgence, that I hope is revealed instantaneously to evoke a prolonged engagement with one’s curiosity.


Biographical Sketch

Andy St. Martin is a native of Southwestern New Hampshire where he received his B.A. in studio art from Keene State College in 1988. Following a one year apprenticeship with sculptor Jack Marshall, he came to Austin, Texas to participate in a large group workshop conducted by Deborah Hay. Relationships established in the workshop confirmed a long lasting rapport with dancers and performers that continue to be a facet of his work. In New Hampshire, St. Martin has shown paintings and sculpture at Newport Library Arts Center, at Artwalk, in Keene, and at The Arts Center on Brickyard Pond in Keene. In Texas, he has exhibited his work at Blue Genie Art Industries, Gallery Lombardi, 20/40 Gallery, the home of Dr. Robert E. Cantu, the Undergraduate Writing Center at the University of Texas – Austin, Texas Lutheran University’s Kraushaar Gallery, and Austin Yoga School, as well as set design and performance work with Deborah Hay, Margery Segal, Jason Phelps, and Liz Gans. He currently devotes his time to the making of paintings exclusively at the Splinter Group in scenic east Austin.